Vault Master Class

Now, more than ever before, the Flip and Lutz are essential to a skater’s technical mark. This Master Class dives deep into the systematic technique of these jumps with our proprietary  ‘Vault’ Philosophy.

With the current focus on correct take-offs and edge accuracy, creating a foundation for these elements to be performed well – and consistently – is critical to a skater’s long-tern success and essential technical marks. With these concepts, skaters gain the insight, and knowledge needed to attain mastery over these important jumping elements.

Explore the ‘Movement Art’ aspect of our sport within the context of creating strong edges for reliable jumping with your Flip & Lutz. Integrate your technical and artistic skating for true figure skating success. Enjoy on and off-ice sessions, Dartfish Video Analysis, and the Choreographer’s Corner – all in one day!

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This class is for:

• Who want to get specific about their edge for the take-off of Flip and Lutz jumps
• Who are ready to focus on the consistency of their take off edge
• Who want to receive that ‘clean call’ at competitions and be awarded FULL points

• Who are frustrated trying to teach the two jumps in a post-figures skating era

You will learn:

• How to truly FEEL your edges and know when you have the correct edge
• What the difference in points is for both the ‘clean call’ and ‘edge calls’ for the Flip & Lutz
• How to develop a personal jumping strategy
• Why these two jumps are essential to understand and get excited about
• Where to strategically place these jumps in your program
• How to build transitions that support your technique and consistency

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