Choreography Master Class

Connect your artistry, performance, musical understanding and creativity all in one dynamic class. At every level of competition, your package and performance are key to your success. Learn the theory behind making beautiful Art on Ice and learn how to apply it to your program and points.

In this unique Master Class, you will discover the techniques that will allow you to unlock your creativity as it relates to your technical skating style. By understanding composition and how to authentically connect to music, you will learn to maximize your performance as you develop the knowledge and confidence to share your personal expression of skating artistry with the judges and audience.

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This class is for:

• Who love to express themselves on the ice and wish to learn more possibilities
• Who struggle with finding their style
• Who want to increase their Program Components score

• Who want to truly feel more confident creating skating programs
• Choreographers who want to add more to their toolkits and create from the heart

You will learn:

  • Why Program Components are KEY to your skating success
  • How to access your own skating style and develop your personal way of moving
  • Understand the building blocks to choreography and composition for skating routines
  • How your connection to MUSIC is essential to both your results and enjoyment on the ice
  • Simple ways to make any performance stand out

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