Axel Master Class

The Axel is one of the most important jumps in figure skating. Whether you are just learning a single or working on a double or triple, the Axel technique, consistency and mental training are all vital to your success.

This full day Skating Success™ Master Class includes on and off ice components including neuromuscular skill breakdown, Dartfish Video software analysis for immediate feedback and learning, off-ice training for increased elevation, pattern preparation, and the 6 Position Process. From the ‘Choreographers’ Corner’ explore the use of transitions and patterns to enhance your performance. Build your skills and confidence and have fun while you are doing it.

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This class is for:

• Who want to learn, develop, or refine their Axel Jump
• Adding rotation for doubles and triples

• Who are preparing athletes in the CPC International Judging System

You will learn:

  • 6 steps of your creating and landing your Axel from single to triple
  • How to build consistency, flow, and style for your Axel
  • Why your program components are truly connected to your Axel and how to apply it
  • What your airtime does to affect the consistency, overall look, and GOE of your Axel
  • How you, as a Coach, can build the step by step foundation for Axels

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