Edges & Turns Master Class

Edges & Turns are the foundation to all skating success. Learn to engage in innovative and unique exercise, turns, and quality edge development. Find your edge during this class as you prepare to W.I.N. by connecting the art of skating to the points of components.

With Program Components being so essential in today’s figure skating landscape, edge development, refinement and execution are all incredibly important for skaters to understand and implement as they practice. Your personal artistry – from skating skills to expression – have only increased in value every season in the CPC judging system. This Master Class is a full day learning experience dedicated to your edges and where they can take you.

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This class is for:

• Who want specific understanding of their edges, turns, and steps
• Who want to feel and know the difference in their edges
• Looking to understand turns and how they interrelate

• Seeking new ways of coaching the fundamentals of edge mastery

You will learn:

• How to skate strong, clean turns on the ice
• Why edges are about feeling exactly where you skate and how to master it
• How to connect turns and steps into transitions, exercises, and step sequences
• Develop power and flow from your edges by creating efficiency in your stride
• Receive awareness about your skating style and how to access it for your performance

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