SNAP Master Class

The SNAP jumping system for Salchow, Toe-Loop, & Loop jumps is a step-by-step process appropriate for learning these jumps as well as refining doubles and triples. Streamline your success with this connected system to integrate your SNAP jumps.

With the Skating Success™ SNAP System, you will discover how to build on what you know and create neuromuscular connections for your success with these jumps. This Master Class Seminar features Dartfish™ Video Software for enhanced visual learning.

In the Choreographers Corner, take your jumping to the next level with the addition of footwork, transitions, and the essentials of components skating. Connecting steps can truly enhance your performance and bring out your unique style. Enhance your skills and confidence and have fun while you are doing it!

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This class is for:

• Ready to focus on the Salchow, Toe-Loop, & Loop Jumps singles to triples
• Interested in linking the SNAP jumping system

• Interested in linking these jumps together and building consistency for jump combinations

You will learn:

  • The SNAP jumping system linking the Salchow, Toe-Loop, & Loop Jumps
  • Why consistent technique is important to create with these 3 prominent jumps
  • How transitions frame your jumps and how that is key to your program components score
  • What your air position does to affect consistency, overall look and GOE for SNAP jumps
  • How you, as a Coach, can help skaters efficiently create results in less time with these jumps

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