MC Intensive

A 4 day intensive designed for figure skaters of all levels, MCi is a proprietary training program where students are immersed in a high-performance environment of experiential learning. Skaters will hone and expand their foundational technique, skills and artistry with support of world class coaching and state of the art technology. Skaters train progressively over 4 consecutive days, with each training day part of a planned process that effectively integrates skills with technique.

4 Day Class PLUS Bonus Content


Day 1:
Customized Edge

Edges are the foundation to your skating success. Learn and engage in innovative and unique exercises turns and quality edge development during each progressive session.

Day 2:
Personalized Jump

Tune in your awareness of the fine details of your technique and recalibrate your jumping with a superior analysis with our state of the art technology. Expand and gain an understanding of each segment and split second of your jump.

Day 3:
Detailed Spin

Spins are essential for today’s skater in Starskate and all Competitive events. Learn how to maximize your spins while you build your points and Spin2Win.

Day 4:
Creative Movement
& Artistry

Your personal artistry from skating skills to expression have only increased in value every season in the CPC judging system. Gain your edge during these classes and Learn to W.I.N. by connecting the art of skating to the points of components!

Bonus Off Ice Content

Our unique off-ice Physical Literacy classes focus on your skating success and measured results. Experience off-ice jump development, skating specific stretch classes and a Mental Performance seminar to help you set up this season with a Mastery Mindset.

4 Day Class + Bonus Content


Interested in hosting a Master Class?

This class is for:

• Looking for an immersive experience with Skating Success & our teaching philosophy
• Who want to set up their season and find measurable improvement in all skating areas
• Looking to add depth and detail to their understanding of technique
• Who want to learn how to apply their new understanding throughout the training season
• Who want to be part of the uniquely supportive, focused and inclusive learning environment

• Wishing to connect with like-minded professionals while learning and growing together
• Seeking to get to the next level or refresh their enthusiasm for coaching
• Looking for new ways of training and developing session flow
• Strategizing ways for their skaters to succeed in the CPC judging system

You will learn:

• Strategic Edge Exercises developed to help you get into the ice faster on any session
• Specific edge mastery concepts that apply to your daily warm up and step sequences
• Technical details to immediately support your consistency when jumping
• Video analysis of skating elements to support your learning and visualization on ice
• Spin fundamentals, progressions, and variations for todays’ spinning requirements
• How spins are integral to your overall score and how to measure your spins effectively
• Creative artistry on ice and how to play with movement
• Program Components as a checklist and why they all flow together on the ice
• Mental Performance points that lead to more presence while training and focus for athletes
• How your ‘Performance Mindset’ can influence your outcome and how to reset it when heading into important events

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