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Figure Skating doesn’t have to be complicated. The fundamentals can be learned and understood with clarity and fun!
Our motto is: Simplify 2 Elevate. We believe that you can truly learn, live, & love your time on the ice whether you’re a skater, coach, or even an organization or club.
Whether we connect with you online, in person, or both – we intentionally bring you only our best material for you to build your own Skating Success.

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I truly love the Master Classes and receive so much more than coaching techniques from them. The support, advice and understanding from the other coaches (and of course Ben and Jadene) is the major reason I attend and love these classes. The "Coaches Circle" is truly a palpable force with Ben & Jadene as our Jedi Masters.

Nicole SabaschCoach - Axel, SNAP, Vault, & Spin2Win Master Classes

Landed my first Axel! Thank you guys for teaching me techniques to the Axel. Plus I landed my first Axel here!

Crystal WongSkater - Axel Master Class

It was a #SkatingSuccess! I wouldn't change anything! I LOVED it!

Indiya McNutt-HollandSkater - Spin2Win Master Class

I love skating again! A new approach of coaching in a positive and uplifting way. With amazing instant results learned and demonstrated by all! Thank you for this experience. Truly helpful and inspirational.

Dennis BryanCoach - VAULT Master Class

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