Kick it up a notch

Our Master Classes are guaranteed to transform any skater’s performance. But sometimes you want to gain an even greater competitive advantage. That’s why we offer Next Level innovations to kick up your success more rapidly than you ever thought possible.

Performance Analysis

Unleash your full potential through cutting edge Dartfish™ video analysis. As a Dartfish™ Certified Technologist, Ben has been using this technology for over 15 years to provide the most reliable data and measurably improve performance for athletes and their coaches.

1-2-1 Private Lessons

Jump the performance continuum with exclusive 1-2-1 Private Coaching from Skating Success. Hone or expand your technique, skill and artistry under the personal guidance of Ben or Jadene as they work one on one with you to achieve sport specific results. Contact us to learn more.

Custom Skate Fitting

In a sport of split seconds and precision, the difference between hitting that triple axel can be the fit of your skates. Custom fitting means more than simply punching out ankle bones or heat fitting in an oven. We custom fit your skates for a winning combination of comfort and performance.

Precision Alignment

When it comes to optimizing your skate’s performance, nothing is more important than blade alignment. Custom alignment ensures your center of gravity is positioned directly over the blade to give you quick, efficient control of both inside and outside edges that translates to significant improvement in performance on the ice.

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