Achieve Skating Mastery
One Core Element at a Time

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Skating Success Master Classes provide a highly focused training environment which supports and inspires both coaches and skaters alike, building a foundation for Skating Mastery one core element at a time.

Axel Master Class

The Axel is one of the most important jumps in figure skating. Whether you are just learning a single or working on a double or triple, the Axel technique, consistency and mental training are all vital to your success.

SNAP Master Class

The SNAP jumping system for Salchow, Toe-Loop, & Loop jumps is a step-by-step process appropriate for learning as well as refining doubles and triples. Streamline your success and integrate your SNAP jumps.

Vault Master Class

Now, more than ever before, the Flip and Lutz are essential to a skater's technical mark. This Master Class dives deep into the systematic technique of these jumps with our proprietary 'Vault' Philosophy.

Spin2Win Master Class

Spinning is essential for today’s well-rounded skater. A strong spin can help your overall result in today’s judging system and skating environment. Learn quick, effective ways to develop your spin positions with style and consistency.

Edges & Turns Master Class

Edges are the foundation to all skating success. Learn to engage in innovative and unique exercise, turns, and quality edge development. Find your edge during this class as you prepare to W.I.N. by connecting the art of skating to the points of components.

Choreography Master Class

Connect performance, and creativity all in one dynamic class. At every level of competition, your package and performance are key to success. Learn the theory behind making beautiful art on ice and learn how to apply it to your program and points strategy.

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MC Intensive

Our flagship Master Class is an intense 4 day seminar where students are immersed in a high-performance environment of experiential learning. Skaters will hone and expand their foundational technique, skills and artistry with world class coaching and state of the art technology.