It’s Lonely at the Top

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You are the unsung heroes. The driving force behind every skater’s success. Mentors, motivators, confidants, cheerleaders and all-important reality checks. A good coach can inspire an ordinary athlete to extraordinary heights and take elite athletes to the podium on a world stage.
But it’s not easy. You give up weekends, evenings, personal time and family commitments in order to develop your athletes to be better people and performers than they thought they could be. We recognize your sacrifice and dedication to your athlete’s and the sport.

Resource Centre For Coaches

Coaches Circle is an innovative way to connect with other coaching professionals in a safe, supported environment. Ask questions, get feedback, share experiences and access peer groups. We value the work of coaches so much that we build a specific Coaches Circle into every Master Class we offer so you can take key concepts and learnings back to all your other skaters.


Coach Call

This is your opportunity to have a real 1 on 1 conversation with Ben or Jadene. Has one of your students hit a plateau? Need some unbiased insight or a second opinion? Let’s talk. Or send us a video of their skating routine or performance and get specific feedback to your questions. Please note this exclusive service is only available to coaches as we will not provide information directly to skaters or parents.

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