A Revolutionary Approach to Skating Success

Skating Success is a one of a kind technical and performance coaching system providing Master Class experiences for athletes and coaches alike. Through a highly specialized training methodology, these experiential immersion seminars are guaranteed to transform any skater regardless of age, experience or skill level.
Developed by Canadian Men’s Figure Skating legend Ben Ferreira and world renowned choreographer Jadene Ferreira, Skating Success ensures mastery on ice by focusing on one core element at a time.

Ben Ferreira

Co-Founder, Master Instructor

Ben Ferreira is one of the most recognized names in Canadian Men’s Figure Skating. A three-time Canadian national medalist, Skate Canada silver medalist, and seven-time Canadian National Team Member, Ben has captured both hearts and glory on the world stage.

Since retiring from competition in 2006, Ben has turned his focus to teaching, developing a unique “fundamentals to finish” philosophy that emphasizes technical mastery. Using cutting edge Performance Analysis Technology ([email protected]™) combined with over 2 decades of competition experience, Ben ensures skaters of all levels find their edge through a highly specialized training environment that builds skating mastery one core element at a time.

Ben seamlessly integrates athlete management, season planning, daily training, and detailed skill analysis in a synthesized approach to his athlete centered coaching style and delivery of Skating Success™ Master Classes.

Jadene Ferreira

Co-Founder, Master Instructor

Jadene Ferreira has built a stellar reputation as one of North America’s most in-demand Figure Skating Coaches. Years of dance training combined with her experience as a competitive skater provides a diverse set of skills to draw from when creating her visually mesmerizing Artistry in Motion. A National Level Choreographer for over 15 years, Jadene is also recognized as one of the sport’s most reliable personal performance coaches. With a degree in Psychology, Jadene specializes in Mindshifting™ as a way to elevate an athlete’s performance overall.

A natural leader, she has a remarkable ability to support and mentor her skaters from the first time they engage with her to fully expressing themselves in each performance or competition.

In 2018, Jadene received the coveted Coach Achievement Award by Skate Canada, the highest honour a professional skating coach can receive from this governing body.

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