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Dartfish is a computer video analysis software program that is used to analyze figure skating jumps and spins.

I have been using Dartfish since 2005 and it has now become an integral part of my daily lesson delivery and with Skating Success™ Master Classes.

Dartfish Video analysis is able to measure the flight time of figure skating jumps, and is a better way to analyze jumps than standard video analysis. If a skater and coach know the flight time required for a particular jump, they are able to assess the height and rotation speed required for the skater to perform the jump successfully.

This is truly the new age of information delivery in Sport. At Skating Success, we believe that when this new Technology meets Tradition, skaters and coaches benefit. The accuracy of teaching elements is dramatically enhanced by the Dartfish Software System through the eyes of the coach.

This technology also offers different analyzing any element and enhancing the athlete experience. For example, using a split screen to view side by side clips, or a module to superimpose images; the athlete has more detailed feedback on their elements than ever before.

Dartfish video analysis is ideal for Figure Skating. The technologically advanced lesson experience educates athletes by assisting coaches in their quest for accuracy and consistency.

Ben Ferreira
Dartfish Certified Technologist
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