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Master Classes

NEW Choreography Master Class 

Connect your artistry, performance, musical understanding and creativity all in one dynamic class. At every level of competition, your package and performance are key to your success. Learn the theory behind making beautiful art on ice and learn how to apply it to your program and points strategy.

In this unique Master Class, you will discover the techniques that will allow you to unlock your creativity as it relates to your technical skating style. By understanding composition and how to authentically connect to music, you will learn to maximize your performance as you develop the knowledge and confidence to share your personal expression of skating artistry with the judges and audience. 

Who this class is for:


  • Who love to express themselves on the ice and wish to learn more possibilities 
  • Who struggle with finding their style 
  • Who want to increase their Program Components score 


  • Who want to truly feel more confident creating skating programs 
  • Choreographers who want to add more to their toolkits and create from the heart

What you will learn:

  • Why Program Components are KEY to your skating success
  • How to access your own skating style and develop your personal way of moving
  • Understand the building blocks to choreography and composition for skating routines 
  • How your connection to MUSIC is essential to both your results and enjoyment on the ice
  • Simple ways to make any performance stand out

Axel Master Class

The Axel is one of the most important jumps in figure skating. Whether you are just learning a single or working on a double or triple, the axel technique, consistency and mental training are all vital to your success.

This full day Skating Success™ Master Class includes on and off ice components including neuromuscular skill breakdown, Dartfish Video software analysis for immediate feedback and learning, off-ice training for increased elevation, pattern preparation, and the 6 Position Process. From the ‘Choreographers’ Corner’ explore the use of transitions and patterns to enhance your performance.

Build your skills and confidence and have fun while you are doing it!

True success is a Journey - one that is unique to each Skater and Coach attending. If it’s a new technique, a landed jump, or a connection with another person that you didn’t know before, these Master Classes will become a regular part of your training season that you will look forward to year after year.


SNAP Master Class

Have you ever wondered how to connect your jumping technique to create consistency with your Salchow, Toe Loop, and Loop jumps?

With the Skating Success™ SNAP System, you will discover how to build on what you know and create neuromuscular connections for your success with these jumps.

The SNAP jumping system for Salchow, Toe-Loop, & Loop jumps is a step-by-step process appropriate for learning these jumps as well as refining doubles and triples. Streamline your success with this connected system to integrate your SNAP jumps!

Where technology meets tradition, Master Class Seminars feature Dartfish™ Video Software for enhanced visual learning. Experience the details behind the science of jumping.

In the Choreographers Corner, take your jumping to the next level with the addition of footwork, transitions, and the essentials of components skating.

Every Program has Choreography components, which are Transitional moves that are part of the Artistry of Skating and what makes our Sport a ‘Spart’. Connecting steps can truly enhance your performance and bring out your unique style.

Enhance your skills and confidence and have fun while you are doing it!


Vault Master Class

The Flip and Lutz are the 'Vaulting' Jumps of Skating. Now, more than ever before, these two jumping elements are essential to a skater's technical mark.

With the current focus on correct take-offs and edge accuracy, creating a foundation for these elements to be performed well – and consistently – is critical to a skater's long-tern success.

This Master Class dives deep into the systematic technique of these jumps with the 'Vault' Philosophy. With these concepts, skaters gain the insight, and knowledge needed to attain mastery over these important jumping elements.

Enjoy on and off-ice sessions, Dartfish Video Analysis, and the Choreographer's Corner - all in one day!

Explore the ‘Movement Art’ aspect of our sport within the context of creating strong edges for reliable jumping with your Flip & Lutz. Integrate your technical and artistic skating for true figure skating success.

Coaches will also love this full day Master Class experience where the applied use of Dartfish video software with jumping technique creates a training environment where Technology meets Tradition!


Spin2Win Master Class

Spinning is essential for today’s well-rounded skater!

With so many points available through spinning, what is important now is to learn that to SPIN - the basics from ‘Foundation to Finish’ and to SPIN with freedom is to feel the incomparable magic of skating… and it is FUN!

Our motto is: Every Spin Position counts! Every rotation that is presented in a strong spin can help your overall result in today’s judging system and skating environment.

Learn to bring spins into a focus for your training, while developing an eye for what is essential to both practice and bring to your performance.

Develop your spin positions with style and consistency in this full day Master Class – and make spinning part of YOUR Skating Success™ plan!


Edge Mastery

Edges are the foundation to all skating success!

Learn to engage in innovative and unique exercise, turns, and quality edge development throughout the day.

With Program Components being so essential in today's figure skating landscape, edge development, refinement and execution are all incredibly important for skaters to understand and implement as they practice.

Your personal artistry - from skating skills to expression - have only increased in value every season in the CPC judging system.  Gain your edge during this class and learn to W.I.N. by connecting the art of skating to the points of components!

Edge Mastery is a full day learning experience dedicated to your edges and where they can take you...

Get YOUR edge at Edge Mastery!


Master Class Intensive - MC(i) 

“If you intend to reach new heights you have to jump”

- Ben Ferreira 

MC(i) is an affordable and innovative training program designed to deliver high performance results. 4 customized evening classes in a row, skaters are immersed in an environment of experiential learning.

Designed for figure skaters of all levels to achieve sport specific results and a competitive advantage. Skaters will hone and expand their foundational technique, skills and artistry with support of world class coaching and state of the art technology.

Following the MC(i) Blueprint For Success, skaters train progressively over the 4 days. Each training day is part of a planned process effectively connecting and integrating skills with technique.

MC(i) takes your training to the next level by building a framework skaters will use throughout their season! 

“A skater gains so much knowledge by just participating in the sport. Focus, discipline, hard work, goal setting and, of course, the thrill of finally achieving your goals. These are all lessons for life.”

- Kristi Yamaguchi


The 4 evenings your full-time instruction includes:

  • Customized Edge Mastery

    Edges are the foundation to your skating success. Learn and engage in innovative and unique exercises turns and quality edge development during each progressive session

  • Personalized Jump Analysis

    Tune in your awareness of the fine details of your technique and recalibrate your jumping with state of the art Dartfish Video Analysis. Expand and gain an understanding of each segment and split second of your jump.

  • Detailed Spin Enhancement

    Spins are essential for today’s skater in Starskate and all Competitive events! Learn how to maximize your spins while you build your points and Spin2Win.

  • Creative Movement & Artistry

    Program Components: Your personal artistry from skating skills to expression have only increased in value every season in the CPC judging system. Gain your edge during these classes and Learn to W.I.N. by connecting the art of skating to the points of components!

  • Off-Ice Physical Literacy & Seminar – Off ice classes

    Our unique off-ice classes focus on your skating success and measured results. Experience off-ice jump development, skating specific stretch classes and a Mental Performance seminar to help you set up this season with Mastery Mindset!

    “I am building a fire, and every day I train, I add more fuel. At just the right moment, I light the match.” 
    — Mia Hamm

    This comprehensive Master Class is best suited to inspired skaters who are committed to their training and learning. MC(i) provides a balance between technical enhancement and artistic development combined with the 'Mastery Mindset'! 

  1. Here is just a small sample of the feedback from Master Class Intensive - MC(i) in previous seasons:

    "Thank you very very much!! Really enjoyed watching the Dartfish videos - helped me visualize jumps better."Bailey Rush, Skater - Master Class Intensive - MC(i)

    "I'm just amazed. I learned so much. I'm so glad I came back, I thought it couldn't be topped but it was this year. Best class yet!"
    Madison, Kowaluk, Skater - Master Class Intensive - MC(i)

    "It was the best 4 days of my life!"

    Grace Smyth, Skater - Master Class Intensive - MC(i) 

Here’s to YOUR Skating Success™!

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