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Ben Ferreira coaches all levels of skaters with an emphasis on technical expertise from ’fundamentals to finish’. Using Dartfish Video and Kinesio Capture technologies combined with his extensive skating experience and knowledge, Ben Ferreira provides a unique teaching style to his clients.

Ben is a..
  • Seven-time Canadian National Team Member
  • Three-time Canadian World Team Member.
  • 2004 Canadian Senior Men's Silver Medalist
  • Two-time Canadian Senior Men Bronze Medalist
  • Top 13 at Worlds
  • 2004 Skate Canada International Silver Medalist.
  • NCCP Level 3 Certified*
  • 10 years presenting and leading Seminars across North America - designing new and progressive ‘Master Class’ seminars with SkatingSuccess™.
After retiring from International Competition in 2006, Ben was hired as the Head Skating Professional at the Royal Glenora Club in Edmonton CANADA. Currently Ben consults with the St.Albert Skating Center and the Ice Palace FSC in Edmonton where he provides Dartfish consulting services for skaters such as the 2013 Canadian Ladies Champion Kaetlyn Osmond. Since 2002 Ben has been a demonstrator/facilitator at the Mariposa School of Skating in Barrie Ontario and has been a demonstrator/facilitator of G2C seminars in Canada and the United States. Using his expertise and technology enhanced approach, Ben provides an in depth learning experience to every lesson and seminar he instructs.

With excellence in mind, Ben brings together the athlete management, yearly planning, daily training, and detailed skill analysis together in a synthesized approach to his athlete centered coaching style and delivery of SkatingSuccess™ Seminars.


Jadene Ferreira is a Contemporary Choreographer of Figure Skating and Dance, a Personal Performance Coach, Stylist/Designer and Make Up Artist. Her passionate personality has helped her to develop her unique style of work over the past 10 years.

A National Level Choreographer since 2003, Jadene has also been a Seminar and Workshop Leader across Canada. As a former competitive figure skater, achieving Triple Gold and Senior Ladies Competitive Status, along with her many years of dancing in a variety of disciplines, her training and development have given her a diverse skill set to draw from when creating ‘Movement Art’ both on and off the ice.

Jadene earned her degree in Psychology at Toronto’s York University in 2006, and applies her knowledge of personal development to benefit the athletes she works with through Performance Coaching. After graduating, she joined the Coaching Team at the Royal Glenora Club in Edmonton and has enjoyed contributing through her Choreography, Performance Coaching, Design Work, and Dance Classes in the Figure Skating Section.

By sharing her knowledge and passion, Jadene creates empowering experiences for athletes to cultivate and express their own individual style through Freelance Contemporary Choreography & Performance Coaching Services.
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